Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break

 This may turn out to be my most unproductive Spring Break of all time!!  Between the weather - two days of rain so far and a pinched nerve in my back - I may be lazy more than anything!  Pinched nerve aside, I managed to pull out two big bushes roots and all on Saturday!  ROOOARRRR!!!  I did limit myself to only working in two flowerbeds so I could actually move the next day.  Now that it has rained for two days, I imagine the other three bushes I plan to yank up will come up easily! :)
 So far, I have only managed to give Bubba Bear a new digging ground!!  Aka the flowerbed I have ready for some replanting.  I have another one ready for mulch.  Only two more to go in the backyard and two in the front.  Usually this all gets done over Spring Break...tomorrow is our anniversary, and there is no way I can convince Big Bear to spend the day working in the yard! HA!
 We also hit some yard sales on Saturday and I bought some books for a quarter and then took them to the used book store, got a credit of $19.00 and turned it around to this nice stack (mainly for my classroom).  SCORE!  Turned $1.50 into $19.00.  Love it!
Sunday and today have purely been dedicated to READING! :)

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