Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Day!

The weather was so beautiful on Saturday that we spent the day outside with the pups doing a little yard clean-up and gearing up for Spring!!  We made a quick trip to the feed store and got some straw and a doggie treat stick for each pup.  Then, it was "off to work we go".  
See our redneck patio we had going in the background of the picture below...that was from all the mud the pups were having to walk through to get back to the house.  Hence, the reason my floors look like they do.  So, we covered it all in straw hoping that it would help with the mud situation.

 After covering it all in straw, what does Bubba Bear do?  Crawls IN THE MUD PUDDLE under the deck to lay down and chew on his stick.  Seriously!?!
 In the end, we had a nice, quiet family day outside.  Our backyard and front yard are all cleaned up.  The storage building is cleaned out and organized and we had a good country burn pile by the end of the day.
 We need more days like Saturday.  Peaceful and productive!

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