Sunday, March 10, 2013

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

First, I can't even believe that I am finally caving and reading this series.  I have boycotted these books since they came out.  BUT, I got tired of all my reading friends telling me I needed to read them.  So, I am doing it.  I am stuck in cheeseville of books at the moment.  I actually enjoyed Twilight.  I admit it, but I am reading the second one right now and well, it's like a train wreck that you can't look away from.  One on the one hand, they are cheesey and on the other, I can't stop because now I'm invested and want to see how it all turns out.  I won't even bother with a summary.  Everyone knows about Twilight! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

They are no great literary work, but they are a fun read.