Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book Warning!!

DO NOT ATTEMPT to read Running With Scissors!!  You have been warned!!  I can't believe that anyone read that and thought "let's make it a movie".  HORRIBLE!  I have a hard "abandoning books"...once I start one, love it or not, I usually have to finish just out of curiosity to see how it turns out.  Considering this book had absolutely no plot and I was a little over a third of the way in at 120ish pages, I had no trouble putting it down.  I am taking it to the used book store to trade in tomorrow.  I considered just throwing it away!  Seriously!!  It had zero plot and it was almost like the author just tried to think of what disturbing scene he could throw in next for the shock value.  Some were disgusting.  Some were just disturbing.  And the scary part is it was supposed to funny.  I would share some of the disgust to prove my point, but don't want to land on someone's perverted google feed.  Just do yourself a favor.  Don't make the mistake I did and buy it at yard sale (of a librarian!!) and think it might be a good read.  NOT!

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