Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching Up of sorts...

I haven't been as good about blogging lately.  Couple of excuses - one, I am on my ipad more than my laptop and it is a pain to blog from there.  Lame excuse, I know.  And, I am trying to work some things out in my head and heart and come to some sort of decisions before I start sharing with the world wide web.  There are pros and cons to not being anonymous anymore with ole blog. :)  Anyway - I will try to be better about sharing again.  You have to give me credit that I put most of our life out there for all to see (in hopes our struggles help just one person).  

So....this past week was a bit of a blur and this next week is shaping up to be just as busy.  We started our big concessions job of the year this past weekend.  Today, I can feel every muscle and bone in my body.  My back is SHOT!  I can move a certain way and feel pain shooting completely up my back.  Oh joy!  But, the first weekend was a success in sales and the rain held off.  Big Amen!

Tomorrow is a big day for me.  I am hoping that God is going to show me some CLEAR answers.  I need you to pray tomorrow that I am clearly shown what direction He wants me to move in.  Sorry for lack of details...but more to come later.  Promise.  Just pray that prayer.  He shows me my path.  Thanks prayer warriors!

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