Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chalkboards and Dust

 Saturday night was an on-the-road date night!  First, we headed to Newport for surprise 60th birthday party for my all-time favorite teacher.  I can't put into words the why or what made her stand out to me.  I think it just had to do with WHO she is as a person.  You can't help but love the positive energy and genuineness.  She always made me feel like I could go to her with anything and even though I was a teenager, she took me seriously. (You know teenage drama isn't serious! ha)  I can remember babysitting her kids, her doing my hair and make-up for prom, and her driving to Conway once a week at night to work on her masters in.....wait for it....library media!!  I am honored to have followed in her footsteps and LOVED getting to go and see her and wish her a happy birthday in person!!  And, when I have a library, she is coming to volunteer!  What a fun day that will be! :)
After we left the birthday party, we had to stop at US Pizza.  You can't go to Newport and not eat at US Pizza.  NONE of the other ones are even close to it.  It's funny because we told the waitress the ones in the LR area weren't as good.  Then as we were leaving, we ran into someone else from Conway that had to come get a pizza while in town because the Conway US Pizza isn't as good as the Newport one!  Ha!
Last stop was Autumn's first horse show of the season.  We made it in time for the last two events.  We got to see Speed and Barrels.  And, we found out she placed 1st in poles!!!  Go Cowgirl!!

 Look for more horse show pictures in the future...but we have to get through our concessions season first. Ahhh!!!

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