Monday, April 22, 2013

Is it practical?

The doctor and the physical therapist have both said no heavy lifting.  Bahhaa!!  I honestly gave it a try.  I gave the asking for help for lifting a try.  It's just not practical.  I have a cat that uses cat liter that comes in a 25 lb. to 35 lb. container.  Who goes to the store to buy it? ME!  I have dogs that require food that comes in 40 lb. to 50 lb. bags.  Who goes to the store to buy it? ME!  I needed dirt to fill in all the holes from where Bubba Bear tore up my flowerbed.  That comes in 40 lb. bags.  I am a gardener that mulches....the list is pretty endless.  I am NOT good at asking for help. But, I did and it didn't go well.  I ended up with hurt feelings and heaving 40 lb. bags of dirt to the backyard myself.  Yes, I re-injured my back.  Yes, I am frustrated.  And, then to come home and find out I re-injured myself for nothing was the icing on the cake.  Bubba Bear busted through my fencing to keep him OUT and dug up more holes and dug up ALL 3 azalea's I planted this weekend.  This dog is going to be the death of me!!!  Shock wires are in the very near future for him!!!  I will win the war, but not sure what the compromise is for my back.  Yoga maybe?  I am going to ask the physical therapist on Thursday.
40 sucks!

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