Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rock the Test!

 Friday was ROCK STAR day!  And, we are ready to ROCK THE TEST this week!!  Last week, the kids got a treat with test taking tips each day and Friday, we had fun with being rock stars ready to rock the test.  We planned an assembly,  had a dance off, played videos that stick in your head all day long (trust me) about "Baby It's the Benchmark" or "Rock that Test" or even the figurative language rap.

I think being a rock star wore me out, because I mostly just talked and ate for scrap night that night and then was lazy and accomplished nothing Saturday (all I accomplished was having a pity party day...we are all allowed one every now and then), and today, I've been sick all day.  Gotta get well before the benchmark or my boss will KILL me! ha!

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