Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekend and Updates and Such...

We started the weekend by feeding about 200 people on Saturday and learning some valuable lessons about fish fries in the rain.  When Kevin does a fish fry, we cook the fish on site and you get your food hot and ready.  Even with the main cook down at one point, we pulled it off without a hitch.  We had two food lines going and got everyone fed in about 30 minutes.  That's pretty impressive if you ask me. :)  Now, for the lesson.  The fish cooker is on a trailer and has two big propane tanks.  It was raining, so we had to put a tarp over the cooker.  So, about an hour into cooking, Kevin is dizzy and shaking and looks like he is either going to be sick or pass out.  I thought it was the heat from the cooker.  I could see the steam and it getting trapped under the cover.  He was basically standing in a cloud the whole time.  Turns out, the propane fumes were trapped under the tarp with no escape and he was literally "high" from the propane and whatever else comes off that cooker.  Next time we do this in the rain, I guess he will drop fish and walk out from the under the tarp and then go back in...I don't know, but we will definitely problem solve that one!  Everything else was flawless and this job officially gets us out of the red!  Whoop!!

Yesterday was Easter and church was amazing!!!  LOVED the worship service.  Brought me to tears several times.  Then, we watched the conclusion of The Bible series last night.  I just had a good bawl.  I couldn't stop thinking, "He did that for me."  Hard to watch.  Amazed at the love.  He is Risen!!!  

Another fence has gone up around a flowerbed.  I think Bubba Bear is winning the war at the moment, but Momma Bear will win in the end!!  OR ELSE!!!

This week's agenda is getting my kids ready for the BIG TEST next week, getting the smoker fixed (then we'll finally have all equipment back up and running!!!), and trying to sale these darn suburbans that won't go away! ha!  I want them GONE!

Prayer Request:  When you pray for the Benson's this week, pray that God opens the doors He wants open, and closes the doors He wants closed, and that we clearly see the path He chooses for us.

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