Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hectic Week!!

 We had one of those crazy, busy, catch yourself coming and going weeks!!  Bubba Bear took it all in stride...and out on our ottoman!  We won't talk about the corner of the ottoman being a casualty of puppyhood!!  He's cute and he is sorry.  He put on his first "sorry face" ever.  It may have been all the screaming and yelling I was doing...Ha!
Kevin was booked solid with caterings this week and we had concessions all weekend. (It is either feast or famine in this business.) It was HOT!  And, boy the heat drains you.  Today, after his lunch catering, we crashed for 3 hours and I am about to sack out again.  When Kevin is busy, it doubles my workload because then I have my regular job AND doing his business books and keeping things running smoothly there.  I may have had a slight stress break-down one day. :)  This week, I am just counting down to Memorial Weekend.  No plans.  No caterings.  No concessions.  No books.  No homework.  Just three days off.  I can't wait!!!!
And neither can they:

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