Monday, May 13, 2013

Hiking Trip!

 We love Lake Sylvia. It is our "go to" spot when looking for a relaxing day with the dogs.  This was Bubba's second hike, and he did great!  Big Bear had Bubba and I had Rex.  Stella, we just drop her leash and let her go.  She follows commands, so we don't have to worry about her.  If we meet anyone on the trail, we pick up her leash.  We figure, it says dogs must be on a leash ... doesn't say someone has to be holding the other end! Ha!
 Rex loves to "GO" with us, but I think he always regrets it later.  He just doesn't hold up well with the hiking and camping.  He was coughing and wheezing half way up the mountain, but it gives my out of shape self an excuse to lag behind. :)

 For this photo stop, I think he thought we were done.  He just plopped down in relief!  I will say, every time we hike this trail, the whole way up, I am saying in my head, "I hate this trail, I hate this trail, I hate this trail."  Then, the whole way back down enjoying the scenery, I change my tune!  (Of course, today, my muscles in my legs have been screaming at me!)
 After the hike, we had a picnic lunch and then came the big test to see if Bubba Bear could swim.  You know, we have the non-swimmer, Rex, who has to wear a life jacket.  We were a little nervous with all our outings what we were going to do if we had two non-swimmers.
 After a few attempts to lead him out, I let go of Stella's leash and threw a stick out for her to fetch up.  And, of course, Bubba Bear followed her!  He can swim!  Yay!

 We will work on the graceful part with practice!!  Stella thought he was going to drown her I am sure.  And, poor Rex needs a new life jacket that fits his fat little self and then he can get in too! :)

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