Thursday, May 9, 2013

My day in pictures...

The wooden M's are all spray painted with chalkboard paint.  The kids are excited!  Tomorrow we spruce them up and make our cards.  More pictures to come...(and yes, my room smells like spraypaint!)
Love looking out the dining room window at the blooms around the pond...even with Bubba Bear's fence in the background! Ha!

 This is the flowerbed he keeps DESTROYING!!  But, my irises have survived.  I have tomato cages around most of my lillies and a fence on the outside.  Look along the privacy fence...see those big holes he is digging.  Oh sure!!!!  Good times!!  I honestly don't care if he will stay out of my flowerbeds!
 Our yard is starting to dry out.  This was our reckneck patio/walkway.  The entire area was a mud pit the dogs had to walk through to get to the deck and straight in the doggie door.  (equaled muddy floors/muddy house)  It is finally drying out and yes, they would walk on the boards. :)  However, most of the yard is still too mushy to mow.  We have another estimate coming on a french drain.
 Momma love!  I think the pups are taking me for a hike on Sunday for Mom's day. :)  My "little brown dog", Rex, is just the sweetest one of the bunch!!  The other two are a MESS!

 And, my HUGE lapdog...he will just turn around and sit on you or one of the other dogs in a heartbeat.  He has to be touching somebody!!  (And, PS, I got my hair highlighted and cut after work...going for the wavy look for a while...since I am too poor to GO to the beach, I think I will look like I just walked off the beach! ha!)
Happy Friday!!  Don't forget to hug a teacher! :)

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