Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oh Bubba Bear!

Sweet (they are always sweet when sick!)...Sweet Bubba Bear got stung or bit by something this weekend and his leg swelled up big time.  Now, I am SUPER grateful to whatever bit or stung him because it caused us a vet trip and that trip led to a discovery that needed to be caught ASAP.  Turns out, even though he has been on Heartgard since he was a baby, he has heartworms.  It is like I never even gave him a pill.  We have had the other two tested and they were negative. (Praise Jesus!)  But we need prayers for Bubba Bear.  Because of this heartworm medicine THAT NEEDS TO BE PULLED FROM THE MARKET in my opinion, he will be going through a lengthy and (can be dangerous) treatment and will have to be still and calm for a month (ha).  There will obviously be lots of boarding at the vet and away from family time.  We just love the big bucket head so much already, so pray for speedy health and a full recovery.  

And, please, if you have your dogs on Heartgard, make the switch to something else!

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