Monday, May 20, 2013


We have no idea what unseen activity surrounds us!  I can hardly wait until we sit at Christ's feet in heaven and hear behind-the-scenes stories of historical events. No doubt about it.  We will sit bug-eyed.  God's ways are in fathomable, His creativity untamable. Just when we think we've heard it all, God will tell His side of the story.
Beloved, if you and I could see the whole picture surrounding our own historical events, we'd go face to the ground in startling amazement.  Imagine Christ saying to you one day in Glory, "Take a look at this scene with me Child.  I want you to see what was going on in the heavens when you were going through that crisis.  Look at all that happened in your behalf.  Gaze at that great cloud of witnesses cheering you on to victory.  Now aren't you glad you chose to walk by faith and believe me?"
Looking back over your life journey, which season or moment do you most hope God will show you "behind the scenes"?
-Beth Moore

This was the start of my Bible study tonight.  It was powerful stuff.  I know what season I would want to see.  Do you?  Can you only imagine what that will be like?  Wow!  How humbling!!!

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