Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 40th to us!

Happy 40th birthday...and Christmas...and Mom's day...and Father's day...and any other holiday for the next 10 years! LOL!
After 5 years of stopping to look at every used camper on the side of the road and looking at the dealers every time we went camping, we finally took the plunge for our 40th birthday present to each other.  We got our big camper!!!  We got serious about looking after the end of concession season.  And, after visiting all the local dealers, we found it.  We picked it up on Thursday and headed out camping on Friday.  This past weekend, we spent figuring out all the in's and out's of our new toy and kind of sat in awe at times that we actually did it.  When you talk about something for 5 years, it kind of puts you in shock when you take the leap and do it! Ha!  We love it!  It's funny that we both said it kind of feels like we are grown-ups now! it is...yep, we jumped straight into a brand-new one.  And, I didn't realize how BIG it was until I started pulling it behind the Tahoe!  Rrrooooaarrrr!!!  All the way to Heber baby!!  

The bedroom area is behind that split wall.  Good storage for camping clothes to live in there.  The tv swivels to either be in the living area or the bedroom area.  Sweet!  That was a feature on my list of wants. :)
 Standing at the door coming in and looking toward the bunks.  Even more storage on other side of fridge.  And, I realized this weekend, the sink and counters are nicer than our house ones! ha!

 We got the double bunks for when guests come to stay.  We were thinking our parents might want to meet us some and could spend the night.  And, of course, IF we have kids, it's perfect.  But for now, Rex has claimed the bottom bunk! :)
 Standing at the bunks and looking toward the living area door:

 The bathroom!!!  No more getting up in the middle of the night and going outside to squat! ha!  No more worrying about a snake biting my booty while I pee in the middle of the night!! LOL!  And, Kevin really liked the door leading into the bathroom from the outside.  IF we have kids, it sure will save on them running in and out through the whole camper and letting AC out.  :)
 The slide that slides out the couch and kitchen sink area.  Our only sacrifice was the size of the slide-out, but we sacrificed that for a better made camper that will last longer.  I think that's a good trade-off.
 And, the bumper pulls out for MORE storage.  We didn't use it this weekend.  I was already nervous without the camper being EVEN LONGER! Ha!
 And, away we go!!!  They didn't like the way it sat on the Tahoe.  It wasn't level enough, but they had to order another part for the hitch so we went with this weekend, but it's back at the dealer now and getting a hitch to make it more level while we travel.  That Tahoe sits high!!!
And, that is our 40th birthday present to each other.  We plan to take it on MANY trips...not just camping.  And, it was SO nice this weekend with the puppy dogs not to be climbing on top of each other and able to eat inside when it rained.

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Vader's Mom said...

I LOVE IT!!! Looks like a great way to vacation!