Thursday, June 20, 2013

Maiden Voyage in the New Camper!

We picked up our new camper on Thursday and headed out Friday (14th) for a weekend at Greers Ferry Lake.  It was mainly spent figuring out how in the world everything worked!!  The manuals were kept handy and we referred to them often.  Funniest part is we have never had a bathroom in our camper before and it took us a day and a half to realize the bathroom was emptying straight into the campsite.  Luckily, it was only #1! LOL!  Think we have that figured out now! Haha!
The furkids had mucho more room.  Poor Stella is so nerotic that she couldn't make up her mind where to sleep.  Most of the time she crammed herself into the small space on my side of the bed in the floor.  Rex, took to the bottom bunk straight away and everytime we went in the camper, he hopped right up there!  You can see from his face, he isn't a HUGE fan of camping - especially in the summer.

For a few years now, I have had a tub in my craft room closet where I would put stuff for when we "had a big camper".  I finally got to get it all out and these awesome salt and pepper shakers were my favorite item!  Both of our parents had these when we were little (and still have them), so we thought they were perfect for camping! :)
We just kept looking at it...thinking, seriously?  Is that ours?

Hamburgers, hot dogs and boston butt...yumm!
How in the world he was comfortable, I have no idea!! 

I thought Stella's natural "duck" instinct might kick in, but she could have cared less about the geese.  All she wanted was to play fetch! 

No life jacket because that's as far as he will go out and it gently sloped down.  No big drop-off's.
The game of fetch just never gets old for this girl.  Honestly, I could sit on the shore and throw for her all day.  I love watching her swim!!  She's a good camping girl!

BBQ nachos for supper and lunch the next day.  Yes please!
I am still a bit in awe that we took the plunge.  Can't really believe we finally did it.  I hope we manage to get in lots of trips this summer and fall! :)

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