Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer is HERE!

Tomorrow is the LAST day of summer school!  Whoop!  So glad I decided to go ahead and teach a shortened summer school this year.  Paid my house insurance for me (no, I don't have escrow) and I still get about 6 weeks off!!!  Woohoo!!  So, tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER for me anyway! :)  Only damper on it is poor Bubba Bear stuck at the vet until at least July 7th. Stupid heartworms and even worse is Heartgard!!  Remember...if you are giving Heartgard, SWITCH!!! 
Kevin ran into one of the families that we coached in Upward Basketball that also goes camping a lot.  The mom referred to their camper as her "lake house, beach house, and deer camp"...I like it (minus the deer camp).  Ours will be our "lake house, beach house and hopefully Hog fan tailgater".  One day we would like to go to out of state Razorback games with the camper.  But, for now, it is our lake house.  Spring Break, it may see it's first trip to the beach and be christened our beach house too!
Enough rambling for now...

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