Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A New Favorite???

Welcome to Shouse Ford on DeGray Lake.  This may be my new favorite!!  Amazing view...walk down to a great swim hole..over to the right and down a little path is a fishing spot that we had a blast catching fish after fish!!  This trip goes down as our best yet this summer!!  So many memories!!  
It was Bubba Bear's first trip, so we let him go solo and the other furkids got to stay with their favorite housesitter of all time, Kristen.  I worried that I wouldn't be able to relax and he would drive me crazy, but he did better than I could have ever imagined!!  He just chilled out.  I think he was exhausted from all the newness.  We took him for a walk each night and he went swimming for the first time!

Our Campsite - #77

Sunset the first night

Bubba Bear's first swim!  Head up! Ha!

"Come on!  You can do it again!"

Trying to show him how comfy the bottom bunk is so he would sleep there. No GO!

Instead he jumped in our bed and peeked around the corner like, "hey, this is better, come in here!"

Our fishing spot

My first catch!  Cute!  Good thing they got bigger! LOL!

Caught our own dinner!  Yay for us!  Best day!!

I am such a sucker for this dog!!

Our view

Bubba Bear keeping cool while we fished.

Shouse Ford - DeGray Lake - site 77 - July 28th to July 30th

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Vader's Mom said...

That Bubba Bear is a smart, smart boy!! I love that he knew which bed to pick :)