Monday, July 1, 2013

Camping Again! :)

We left as soon as I got out of summer school on Wednesday and stayed until Friday afternoon.  (had to come back to cook for folks or we'd still be there! ha!)  I think we are moving campsites from now on when we go to Heber.  LOVED this campsite!!  The sites in G are so much more level and the view is AWESOME, plus we just walked (or rock climbed) down to the water and swam.  So, we never had to leave our site. 
We are LOVING our new camper.  Nothing not to love...except I still get a little nervous at times pulling it but doing way better! ;) 
 We ate good this trip.  Burgers, pork loin, fried potatoes, bacon, eggs, watermelon...yum!
 Sunrise Thursday morning...beautiful!
 This is the view from down the rocks where we would swim.  If you look really close, you will see Rex by the green towel watching us.  The rocks dropped off to 40 feet deep, so his non-swimming self needed to stay at camp.  I do love how it looks like the camper is on the edge of a cliff.
 Stella watches out the corner of her eye.  Always ready for you to throw so she can fetch it up! ha!  I don't know if you can see the rocks under the water, but after about two steps, it just drops off to nothing.  Which is why poor Rex was safer up at camp.  Stella, however, even jumped off a small cliff to fetch and took straight to swimming.  I do love watching this girl in the water!
 Game of friendly dominos in the camper...I lost. :(  However, I won at Racko (card game).  So we are even, right?

 Not a great pic of us, but wanted to remember that this is the trip we tested leaving the pups in the camper and going swimming by ourselves for some relaxation.  Rex is awesome.  He hops straight on the bottom bunk and goes to sleep.  Stella either gets in our bed (a no-no) or stays right at the door waiting for it to open! ha!  Could be lots worse!

Happy 4th Birthday Stella Blue!!!  We love you!

Old Hwy 25 - G17 - June 26-28

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Anonymous said...

Your new camper is awesome. I am so excited for you!