Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 Sunday after church, we headed out for a little two night camping trip and left every single fur kid with a sitter.  Ahhhh!!!  I tell ya, I slept good!  I slept the latest I have slept all summer.  Might have been the missing 80 lb. boxer sitting on me when he ready for me to get up in the mornings! ha!  
Our first adventure was trying out the new hammock.  That turned out to be not exactly what we thought...but by the end of the trip, I figured out how to take a cat nap in it! ;)
 Not only did I sleep good, but Big Bear ensured we ate good this trip!  First dinner was ribs and grilled corn on the cob!!  YUM!!

 Can you tell Big Bear is losing weight?  He's lost 30 lbs so far!  And, I was impressed because the entire trip, he still ate no bread.  He had his burgers on a lettuce wrap!  That's dedication!
Big Bear got his fishing license for this trip.  I think I will get mine for the next one.  He fished both days for a bit and I got to lay in the hammock and read.  Bliss!
 He would have been happier if he had caught anything bigger than this:
(I thought he was cute!)
 We spent this time exploring DeGray Lake and stayed at the State Park.  It had its pros and cons.  The drive was MUCH easier than going to Heber, so that is a plus.  It is also an hour off the drive.  The negative to me is that you have to drive to the swimming area to swim and that is the only place that is really available to swim.  I like being able to walk to a non-swimming area place off of campsites.  So, we took a little road trip adventure Monday morning and checked out some other campsites on the lake.  We found one that we really liked.  There were several sites in this one that we could walk down with the dogs and let Stella swim and we could swim and/or fish if we wanted.  No one can say I don't love Stella as much as the boxers, because every single campsite we visited, all I said was, "but where can I take Stella swimming?"  It was all about her.  Of course, she is our best camping dog! ;)
Later in the month, we trying out one of the spots we found and taking Stella girl.  I think we are cancelling our Lake Catherine reservations after seeing the spots we found Monday.  DeGray Lake truly has the potential to be our new "home" lake.

 July 14 - 16th - DeGray Lake State Park - site #80

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