Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4th = Festivals = Concessions

How did we spend our 4th of July?  Branching out and doing our first festival.  I wish I could say it was a huge success, but it was a learning experience for sure!  We broke even and I was grateful for that because for the first 3 hours or so, I thought we were in BIG trouble!!  But, it's a gamble, these festivals.  At least this one didn't have a fee to pay to come.  I can handle breaking even.  I just hate seeing Big Bear disappointed.  And it's hard not to be when you work the day before getting ready, the day of in HOT conditions (that trailer with those friers is almost unbearable at times!!) and then come home and spend the next day cleaning  it all up.  And, to do all that for's discouraging.  BUT, at least we weren't in the hole!!  Cuz trust me, I really thought we were going to be!  And, I guess the good news is that we have burgers for all our camping trips for the next year! ha! 
 Our big hits were the giant corn dogs and the fried pies.  Chocolate fried pie = YUM!!  So, you know how I love concession food!?! Yesterday, I may have had a giant corndog, a chocolate fried pie and more french fries than I care to mention!!  (We won't even talk about the cake balls a friend's mom brought me!!)  I ate all that and Kevin has lost 30 lbs and counting!!  I guess I'm gaining it as he loses it! :)

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