Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Scrap Camp 2013

Scrap supplies for 2 days of serious scrappin!
 My BFF and I, in the past, got together every summer for about a week.  We would split it between our two houses.  Then, somehow over the past few years, I guess kids, allergies, new husbands and summer school got in the way.  Well, we are officially back on track!  The perfect escape from kids and husbands and no cat allergies = the new camper!  Mark my words, this was my final summer to teach summer school, so no more scheduling issues either!  Whoop!
We rented a spot at a KOA campground (nice) in Maumelle.  Only a 20 minute drive for me, and it was convenient for Michelle to get the little one to grandparents.  Win! Win!  Plus, we wanted to be close enough to take a trip over to Cabot and go to that scrapbook store.
 Turns out the camper is just roomy enough for two scrappers and a pomeranian!  Michelle had the dining area table and I brought a small table to put in front of the couch.  Perfect!  Below is as we got got a lot messier! ha!
 My awesome husband set up the camper for us on a 100 degree temp day and didn't complain once!  Then, when we were done, he came and broke it all down for us.  Plus took care of all the furkids while I was away.  Love him!!  :)  
We got our essential junk food...which also included Dr. Pepper and raw cookie dough.  Dinner one night was cookie dough and bean dip.  Kevin would be mortified and honestly, I might not even eat bean dip for awhile! LOL!

 This is what I refer to as my scrapbook hangover picture:
All in all, it was a success.  Only a few things to do different next year.  It was a bit of a pain this year that Bubba Bear was going through the last week of heartworm treatments, so I went home once a day to check on him and let him out.  That killed some serious scrap time.  And, we ate out too much.  Next year, we will bring more food than the junk.  And, next year, I will beat my 45 pages done record. 
Now...if I can just keep this scrapbook "fire" I have! ha!
Maumelle KOA Campground G13 - July 9th-11th

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