Monday, July 8, 2013

Traveling Arkansas...

Lake Catherine
Some of my favorite times are when we get in the car for a road trip with no schedule, no real plan and see where the day takes us.  That is exactly what we did Saturday for Kevin's big 40th birthday!!  Put a little cooler in the backseat, grabbed some swimsuits, and hit the road.  First stop, Lake Catherine.  Our only real mission was to check out camping areas closer to us than where we have been going.  Just thinking it might make it easier to camp for a week or more.  We really thought Lake Catherine was going to be a hit because several people told us they really liked it.  But, I didn't feel the love.  Mainly, it was that the campsites are piled pretty tightly on top of each other.  BUT, we still made reservations for later this month to try it out before we totally diss it.  Since we weren't totally sold on Lake Catherine, we headed into Hot Springs for Kevin's birthday lunch (Cajun Boilers - yum!!).
Lake Hamilton
Then, we decided that Lake Hamilton was RIGHT THERE so we would look for a place to camp.  Ha!  JOKE!  We went to about four "campgrounds" and every single one of them was literally a gravel parking lot and you pulled into a parking spot.  NO thank you!
After being a bit discouraged, we decided we weren't on a schedule, so we headed over to Lake DeGray...
Lake DeGray
I will say that of the three lakes we visited (and didn't swim once! ha!)...Lake DeGray was my favorite, but it still doesn't compare to Greers Ferry (my opinion).  We drove around the state park and marked our favorite sites.  Then, we made reservations for later in the month.  Of course, after that, we discovered another park.  So, needless to say we will check out other places when we go camp.  It was a good day of exploring...and more exploring to come later in the month!  
And, most importantly, I believe Big Bear had a good 40th birthday! :)

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