Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A few almost "after" pics

  Supply closet in my office BEFORE I hit the scene:
 AFTER my OCD spent some quality time:

 Paper BEFORE:
 Paper AFTER:
 My office BEFORE:
 AFTER: (I love kids artwork!)
 Office BEFORE (standing at supply closet):
(Almost) AFTER: (still looking for something to go on wall beside bulletin board)
 K-2 area BEFORE:
 (Almost) AFTER: (just looking for pillows and curtains to finish it off)
 Tables are for activity time and carpet is for read aloud time. :)
 Little stuffed animals are sprinkled throughout the shelves:

 I should have taken a before and after of the equipment room!  OH MY!  You couldn't even walk in there, but after today, everything has its place and there is even floor space!!  One area at a time it is coming together.  I will be slowly looking for more book character stuffed animals, colorful pillows and colorful fabric for curtains.  This year, I am going to focus on really getting the K-2 area the way I want and next year I will put together an area for 3-5.  There has been A LOT of recycling going on!! :)

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