Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Exploring Greers Ferry Lake

 For as long as I can remember, my family has camped at Old Highway 25 on Greers Ferry Lake.  But, there is a mountain that I HATE pulling the camper up and down to get there, plus, we like to explore new places, so we decided to try some other parks on Greers Ferry and try to cut down on our drive time a little.  So the past few days, we tried Choctaw just past Bee Branch.  It was a shorter drive for us (on the total opposite end of the lake than Old Hwy 25) and an easier drive.  Since it was our first trip there, I blindly picked our campsite and it wasn't bad, but I wouldn't want it on the weekend because this is what we faced: (the boat launch parking lot). 
 I can see that being a busy nightmare of constant traffic on a weekend, but we were there Sunday through Tuesday, so it wasn't bad.  We did find some other sites that we liked better for future visits. :)  The first morning we were there, I took Stella for a long walk with a swimming pit stop, and found some great views.  I love Arkansas and its beauty!

 I have lost count of how many wild eyed pictures I have of Stella like this...JUST THROW IT ALREADY! ha!  This trip, Stella got to go by herself and have momma and daddy all to herself.  She was in heaven!!  I have found a benefit to three dogs - you can take ONE on trips and then when you leave the others behind, they have a buddy, so it's all good! LOL!
 We had lots of visitors this trip!!  It was awesome!  My Bubby (aka my brother) works not far from where we camped, so he stopped by for lunch on Monday.
 And, Kevin's parents brought their new fishing boat and camped with us the whole time.  We bought a camper with full size bunks so we could have visitors, so I was happy to put it to use!  I think they had fun.  Pop has been fishing since his retirement last week! :)
 I bought Kevin a life jacket for going out on the fishing boat with his parents.  We thought we were only going to go 3 at a time, but we decided to all go.  I needed a life jacket and all I had was Rex's dog life jacket, but it worked! ha!
 It was a little crowded with 4 adults in a fishing boat, but we sure had fun!!  It took me a bit to get used to a fishing boat and the feel of it.  I grew up on speed boats and party barge boats - big and sturdy! LOL!
 My first catfish!!
 Love it!  We all caught lots of baby fish!
 View out on the peaceful!
 Nonnie certainly earned her keep by frying up a mess of catfish and making her awesome homemade hushpuppies for dinner on Monday night.  My Bubby even came back with Tayhlor and Lucky.

 Stella got to swim with her cousin, Lucky.  See him back there behind her.  He is obsessed with water and swims in circles.  Stella swims with a purpose - get the stick or ball and bring it back.  She kept looking at him out the corner of eye.  You could almost see her trying to figure out what in the world he was doing!

 Last morning and my biggest fish so far!  Whoop!  #hookedonfishing
August 4th - 6th at Choctaw on Greers Ferry Lake site D2

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