Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's the most busy time of year...

 ...Back to School time that is!  For anyone who works in the school system, the past two weeks and really even the next two weeks are like tax season for an accountant.  We are swamped with to-do lists a mile long and catch ourselves coming and going.  My back is KILLING me!  I ain't as young as I used to be! ;)  
My weekend wrap-up went something like this:
Friday - went to work at 7:30 am and worked until had to take Nala to vet.  Ran home to Bryant for cat from Little Rock.  Back to Little Rock to vet.  Back home to Bryant after appointment to drop off cat.  Then, back to Little Rock for work! (Hello, running in circles!) Luckily, Nala was just diagnosed with a bad case of arthritis and was given a shot.  It had been a LONG night the night before.  Lots of cat crying and yowling followed by me crying because I couldn't make it better.  Oh boy!  So, my crazy Friday was operated on little sleep.  I worked until 5 pm and then ran errands FOR work.  Someone needs to count how many trips it takes to Wal-Mart, Target, and Mardel's to get ready for the school year?!?!  After running errands, met Kevin's family for a family dinner (it was yummy!!  Feel in love with Chuy's...gotta go back!).  Then, home about 8:00ish.  LONG DAY!

Saturday morning, I got up and started on some library projects!!  I finished recovering the benches I made last year.  I am using them in the little kid reading area this year.  (Look for a few "after" pictures in the next few days.)  Then, I went to work until about 1 and worked in the library.

I made myself leave at 1pm, so we could run the dogs to NLR for the BoxAR dog wash fundraiser.  I have burned up some major gas this weekend!!!  We made it before they stopped at 3!  Whew!
 I think poor Sherri got a bath with Bubba!!  LOL!
 Yes, Stella was there too,but I was holding her and it wasn't easy to get any pictures with three dogs and craziness.  Plus, we were on a busy highway and I was afraid one of them would slip their collar or get away somehow.  It was exhausting, but we got 3 clean dogs out of the deal and were able to help out a good cause!
 Once home, I did a few chores that I had put off and then made myself STOP and relax with Big Bear and the pups and watch a movie. Ahhh!!
Fast forward to today...and you got church, lunch, laundry, school work, paying bills, doing Kevin's books and cleaning house!!  Funny Girl has NO IDEA in the midst of all that how NICE and THOUGHTFUL her drop-off of my back to school Dr. Pepper truly was!!  Oh my, I needed a happy! :)
 It's coming's a process! 
Now, I am going to lay down and read.  My back is yelling at me!

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