Saturday, August 10, 2013

Oh, Bubba Bear!

August 10, 2012
August 10, 2013
 What a difference a year makes!  It isn't as easy having 3 dogs, but we wouldn't trade him for the world!
  • loves to be with his people
  • has destroyed the ottoman in the living room! :(
  • sits ON the other dogs or his people (has to be touching someone)
  • "talks" to us and his fur siblings (sounds like chewbacca)
  • "boxes"constantly (and his paw is rough!)
  • loves to play with all his toys
  • takes toys away from his fur siblings or cries in front of them until they just give up
  • ruins Stella's game of fetch by jumping on her and pulling on her ear the entire way back to deliver the ball
  • loves attention
  • a good camping and fishing companion
  • a barker!!!  (barks at nothing)
  • a digger
  • brings in sticks to chew on INSIDE
  • chases the broom, vacuum, AND lawn mover entire time!
  • loves to snuggle up
  • one of a kind :)

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