Thursday, September 12, 2013

Craft Time

You need wooden letters from Hobby Lobby (about $3.50 each).  Scrapbook paper of your choice, ink pad, mod podge, brush for applying mod podge, twine, and staple gun.  Randomly rip paper and ink edges.  Apply mod podge to wooden letter.  Then, put paper down.  Prepare for messy hands. :)

 After all the paper is down on the letter, go over with mod podge on top of paper.  Go in one direction.  Let it dry for about 15 min.  Then, go over again in opposite direction to create a linen type effect.
 If you want them to hang all together, after drying, turn upside down, lay twine across the back and staple to back of letters.
 And, this is what you get:  It was almost a craft fail, so a big thanks to the scrapbook/craft crew for ideas on how to make it better from the get-go! :)
Another "touch" to my office.  It's coming together! :)

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