Sunday, September 8, 2013

More Before and After...

This was a crazy busy week with Open House one night, Awana's one night, and a high school friend's 40th birthday one night.  I just wanted to sleep all day Saturday, but that's never an option! 
I am LOVING the library. LOVING it!  But, there is a lot to do still and it is coming together slowly but surely.  I have lots of happy places now, where before everywhere I looked, I just saw WORK.  
Here we go on a little before and after..
Entry before (just too cluttered for me):
Entry after - less is more! :)
 Computer area before:
 Computer area after:
 Standing at end of entry looking into library before:
(yes, it is a HUGE space!!)

 After (the two cube shelves held brand new books to showcase):
Circulation area before:
Circulation area after (with my awesome media clerk!!)  Still working on this area a bit:
 Just some more after shots. It's such a BIG space, it's hard to see all the little parts that make it up. :)
Below, there was a big dry erase board on wheels that sat behind those two showcases and blocked the doors.  I like it open to see outside.  I don't know where I'm going to store that big board, but it HAS to go!

 That's probably all the cleaning and organizing that will happen until AFTER the book fair and then LOOK OUT! :)

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