Sunday, September 1, 2013

Opening Game!

We had drama all week trying to get cable in time for game day...and then, literally as the cable man is on the way to the house on Friday, I get a call to see if we are interested in free tickets!  Yippee!  I wanted to go so badly, but I knew it was going to be a heat index of something like 110.  It felt like 150!!!  We were on the west side so we got shade after about an hour and a half of being there, but never stopped sweating!  Urgh!  It was AWESOME though!!  LOVED IT!!  Nothing like being there for the atmosphere of the game.  A BIG thanks for thinking of us (you know who you are!)
Ignore the hand in the picture...this is only our second "selfie"...we need practice! ha!  We got there about an hour early to sit in the HEAT, but I love people watching, so it's ok.  Some of the girls in their outfits were killing me.  Really with the scarves wrapped around your neck?!?  Did you get the weather memo?!?
I loved watching #3 (takes me forever to learn their names) & I LOVED the opening drive.  They were moving down the field like it was easy. 
I recorded the Hogs entering the field...this year, they will start coming in to the Hog call instead of music.  Call them and they will come! :)

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