Monday, September 9, 2013

Shame Bubba Shame!!

By 9 am yesterday, I had a destroyed couch (in the craft room...thank goodness I never liked it and it was cheap or he'd be DEAD!) and a dead rabbit on my hands.  All because I wanted to sleep in.  Saturday, he woke me up at the crack of dawn, so when he tried it on Sunday, I locked him out.  This is what I got in return. He was reminded what the inside of a kennel looks like.

He has caught a chicken (it came over the fence and was saved from death before he could kill it).
Killed a rabbit that was living under the deck (bad choice on the rabbits part).
DESTROYED our ottoman.
Eaten the sofa in the craft room.
Chases the lawn mower, tries to bite the tires and barks the entire time mowing.
Chases the vacuum, tries to bite it and barks at it the entire time I vacuum.
Chases the broom while we sweep.
Refuses to sleep in his bed all night, so waits until we are asleep and sneaks into the bed with us.
So....basically, I have created a monster.  Because through it all, somehow, yes, I still think he is adorable! :)

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