Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All is quiet in BensonLand...

 Bubba Bear got the all-clear from heartworms yesterday!  yay!!!  We are all officially switched over to the pro-heart 6 shot that is good for 6 months at a time.  Heartgard sucks.  That's all I will say about that!
 And, Bubba Bear has been staying in his crate like a good boy for a week now when Mommy and Daddy aren't home.  His sister Stella is the first to show me to Bubba's door when I get home to let him out.  Could it be because we immediately play fetch with the tennis ball after he gets out? HA!
Nala has a birthday this month.  Turns out I've been "aging" her.  I thought she WAS 17, but she is turning 17.  Oops!  Sorry Nala!  Looking good for 17 though!
Almost caught a sweet moment here...darn Bubba had to move.  Ignore the nasty carpet.  My plan was to get all fur kids fully potty trained before replacing the carpet.  I think we are ready, so hopefully this summer!! :)

I think I am finally all caught up from the book fair!  Had record sales!  Love it!!!  
I am still LOVING my new job!!
We start feeding the homeless this Friday night.  Kevin and I have teamed up with another couple in our Sunday School class to head up this Ministry and feed the homeless once a month.  Please be in prayer that needs are met for this ministry. :)
We are hopeful to get in TWO more camping trips before we "retire" the camper for winter.  Thinking about braving all 3 dogs for at least one of them.  Oh me oh my!  We'll see!!
That's it.  Gotta go READ!  Later!

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