Saturday, October 5, 2013

Back from the land of Egypt and books...

 Book Fair week = exciting, fun, and exhausting!!  All rolled into one!  First, the book fair gets wheeled in and it is so exciting knowing all those carts and boxes are full of crisp, new books!!  Then, the next day, the book fair rep comes and help you set up.  At Washington, the book fair has always gone a step further than just setting up the "store".  They (Scholastic) gives you a theme and this year's theme was an Egyptian Oasis.  Hot New Books in a Cool Place.  So...we ran with it.
 It takes a solid day and a little more to get all decorations ready and books out.  Then, that afternoon was the teacher preview and my awesome husband provided the food for it.  So, of course, it didn't disappoint! :)  That was last Thursday - forever ago it seems!!

 We went to Party City and got me an "Egyptian Queen" outfit.  I was the Queen of Books all week and from last Friday to yesterday when a class came in, I gave them a few Egyptian facts and we played a game to "Walk Like an Egyptian".  That way, the book fair was fun for everyone, not just the ones who had money.  And, the price of my outfit was totally worth it for the expressions that were on those little faces - especially the prek, Kindergarten and 1st graders.
 The book fair is NO joke.  There is inventory to keep up with, games to play, announcements to be made, standing in the car line daily as parents drop off kids and advertising, helping Clifford find his way around to the classes :), money to be counted, books to be picked up in another town to restock shelves, Donuts with Dad events to plan and get supplies the last day, the Queen was EXHAUSTED!!  But, it was fun!!
AND, we made record sales!!!  Woohoo!

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