Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have literally been sick since Sunday!! Today was my first day of feeling normal.  I haven't taken a sick day in years and left work early on Monday and missed Tuesday.  YUCKO!!  And, of course, managed to give the bug to Kevin.  I guess the hazard of interacting with 400 kids instead of 25 is that my immune system needs to build up even more!!!

Still love my job though!!  More "after" pics coming soon.  Hopefully I will have time to take a few tomorrow.  I have really been working hard on one corner of the library that was a hot mess and turning it into a reading area for the kids.  My problem is that none of the areas I have worked on are completely done.  I still need curtains, a few pillows, maybe a couple more bean bag chairs, a cute rug...oh, the possibilities! :)

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