Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Progress!

 This was the area behind a book case that was made as a "hidey hole" for some reason...I think to hide junk.  It was supposed to be a teacher area, but from what I could tell, one person used it to take a few naps throughout the day and it basically hid a bunch of junk.  So....after much cleaning OUT and re-organizing of stuff and moving one shelf back to the wall...it looks a little different and is now used by the STUDENTS!  Whoop!
Below is what it looked like once I started cleaning out a little to see how it was going to work.  See the bookcase behind the chairs?  That hid the area from the rest of the library.  It was tough to move, but with four men and two dollies, it was accomplished! :)
 More junk hidden behind the bookcase...oh my!
 And, YES, more junk!!   CrAzY!!
 NOW, it looks like THIS:  Bookcase for magazines moved up against the wall under the window and baam!  Instant seating area for the students to read quietly.  Awesome bean bag chairs are at Wal-Mart for $30 a piece!  And, now the teacher area is behind the Smartboard and that super tall shelf.  It's like a little hallway and has book sets.  ORGANIZED! (of course!)
 My entry going into the teacher zone...professional books and book sets. 
 And, now behind the smartboard looks like this:  No more junk piled on top of the bookcases covered in dust and old gum. Yes, gum. It was GrOsS to clean! 
 And, the students are loving their new area!!  Much better use of the space and the library that I didn't think could look any bigger, DOES!
 Seating arrangement BEFORE with the magazine bookcase blocking the area behind it:
 And NOW:  (mucho better!)

 I got a new rug for in front of the Smartboard, so we rarely sit at the tables anymore.  That's why I moved them back.  Love, love, love the rug and the color it adds!
 There is still work to be done, but this library looks SO much better in just 9 short weeks!!

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