Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's all about the fur kids!

 Went and got a new bedspread on Monday to prepare for the cold weather...yes, almost same as our last one!  Last one was brown, this one is black.  It's a bargain at $60 for a King size especially when you know the dogs are just going to ruin it eventually! ha!  It came with pillows and pillow shams too, but it's pointless.  Big Bear doesn't believe in making the bed.  Why make it when you are just going to mess it back up is his philosphy.
 And surprise, surprise, the first one to LAY on the bedspread...Rex!  Although, why he finds the footboard a good pillow, I'll never know!
I couldn't resist this awesome SOFT blanket for me and Nala on the couch while I read!!  So SOFT! And, yes, another bargain! :)
 And, if you can't find Rex...look no further...
 Nala has claimed the blanket when not in use by the both of us!
 Snuggled in for winter hibernation!
 **Yes, I know Stella is not in any of the pictures.  I am a bad fur kid mom!  (She's just not always photogenic! LOL!)

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