Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning with the furkids :)

 Santa came and Rex is ready to see what he brought!!  Everyone got "prizes"!!!  Notice, Kevin and I don't have stockings anymore...only the kids! LOL!
 Rex immediately started "squeaking" his new toy.  He LOVES a squeaky toy! haha!
 HO! HO! HO!  Tennis balls and toys and treats galore!  Merry Christmas!
 Bubba Bear actually playing with his OWN toy instead of stealing someone else's!!
 Lots of goodies!!  I think my Nativ hoodie, my cross necklace, and my B & N gift card were my favs, but then I'd be sad if Santa forgot to bring me a Jesus T-shirt.  Santa does so GOOD every year!!
 This year I scored $190 total in Barnes and Noble gift cards (perfect gift for a reader!!) and Santa even brought me a gift set of books that was on my wish list, so I really racked up in the book department!! (I read The Hobbit in High School, so I am going to re-read it and I have no clue how I never read The Lord of the Rings!!)
 Big Bear was on the "good list" for probably the first time in his life! haha!  His favorites were his "Bazinga" PJ bottoms and his Nativ hat...note to self, when I want him to get a hair cut, buy him a hat he has been wanting.  He got a hair cut the next day so it would fit better! :)
*This was probably Nala girl's last Christmas with us.  She's not eating very much and sleeps most of the time.  She came out eventually, but had no interest in her treats. :(

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