Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week of Thanksgiving...aka whirlwind!

I'm going to give the "run down" in short version.  We went to Kevin's family Thanksgiving the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving.  3 hour drive there on Friday after work, get up, eat, and hit the road 3 hours back to get ready for a catering the next day.  Sunday, with the help from a few friends Big Bear pulled off another fish fry for the masses (300 people this time) in below freezing temps!  Lots of redneck engineering helped keep the cold wind from killing his fire.
 It was a success.  The fish was good.  The people were happy and the snow stayed away. :)

 After the catering, as we were going to bed, I noticed Bubba Bear acting a little "off".  Then, he wouldn't eat breakfast the next morning.  Let's just say we basically spent the rest of the week at the vet.  Me crying and worrying.  Kevin trying to keep me calm and get all his turkeys and hams out to people.  We were in high stress mode around here.  Every day was spent on the phone with the vet and Bubba staying there on an IV until we could figure it out.
Thursday brought getting ready for the homeless.  Our family days are on the weekends, so Thanksgiving is a free day for us.  A local elementary school collected 2,000 pair of socks for us to pass out, so I spent most of the day sorting and bagging socks.  2,000 pair of socks is A LOT!!
 Greens were requested.  And, Big Bear can make greens taste GOOD. Although, I still turn my nose up a bit at them! ha!
 Feeding the homeless is a Ministry that Big Bear is really trying to get up and going and we learned an important lesson on Thanksgiving Day.  That is a day when EVERYONE thinks about the homeless, so we weren't necessarily needed.  But, God has a plan in everything so I am sure we were there for a reason. :)
 Friday was the day that Bubba Bear either showed improvement or had exploratory surgery.  And, just like the good boy he is, Friday morning, he pooped out a turkey wrapper and instantly started feeling better!  He was home by 3 o'clock and I was one happy doggie momma!  Whew!
Then, Saturday was my family's Turkey Day.  It was our smallest group in awhile, but it was still yummy and fun!  We had 37 this year when I counted them up.  Here are the group pics for who was there:
Uncle Joel, Granny, and Uncle Mel

Granny's bunch - "What do I do my hands?"
And, behaving
Uncle Mel's bunch
Cousin Burke's family

Uncle Joel's clan - the only group that had everyone there :)
 And, just in case I don't get our tree up, here is a picture in front of Peggy's! ha!
To wrap up our week, we had a catering today after church and then went to see Catching Fire.  GREAT movie, but only go if you read the books!! :)
Now, don't read all this and try to tell me people without kids aren't busy!  Baahaa!
Is it Christmas break yet? ;)

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