Monday, January 20, 2014

MLK Weekend = 3 day weekend

What to do with 3 days off?
Well, first READ!!  I read a lot!  I don't even think I turned the tv on except when I had company over scrapbooking! :) It's the 20th of January and I finished my third book.  Whoop!
I started my weekend by leaving work Friday and breaking down as I was exiting the interstate.  Coasted into Walmart and had to get my battery charged where I could make it to the shop and spend $300 on a new alternator.  FUN!!
The day before I had bought a new "office" desk for us online (see 2 posts below).  If I had known my alternator was going to blow, I probably wouldn't have gotten it, so I'm glad the alternator waited until AFTER. ha!  I got to spend the rest of Friday organizing.!!
Saturday, Kevin went to help John 3:16 Ministries with a big fundraiser, so I called the scrappers over and we scrapbooking until the wee hours of the morning.  When the mans away, the wife will scrap! :)  I did also manage to go watch the kids at my school play basketball and I volunteered at the church for Upward.  Those are the only two times I got out of the house in 3 days though.  Love it!!
The rest of the weekend consisted of more reading, more scrapbooking, organizing the garage AND I sold our old desk.  Made some money and never left the house.  Winning! :)

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