Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nala Update...

 She's a fighter.  She's hanging in there.  We've gone from thinking 'any day now' to 'time is limited, but who knows?'  She still isn't eating very good.  We've switched to a can food with lots of juice/gravy.  She mainly just eats/licks the gravy.  No dry food at all. And, no food with her kidney medicine, so she is off her insulin and her kidney medicine.  Honestly, if you didn't KNOW she wasn't eating and you didn't pet her and FEEL how much weight she has lost, you would just think she's an old cat that likes to sleep a lot.  She has started coming back into the living room with us and likes to just lay on me while I read.  We are cuddling up every night for bed and just loving on her as much as possible until we have to say good bye. :(

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