Sunday, January 5, 2014

Three dog day...

 Friday, Big Bear was out of town for a funeral, and we had a vet appointment for ALL 3 dogs!!  It was time for yearly shots and check-up.  The vet techs said they would help me, so off we went.  Me in charge of all three.  I can handle Rex and Stella all day long by myself.  It's when you throw Bubba Bear into the mix that things get wild fast!
Three dogs, three different personalities and they each let them shine!  
Stella, our neurotic girl, was pretty sure the vet was going to kill her.  She trembled and shook the whole time and after they brought her back in to me from weighing her and getting her nails trimmed, she crawled under the bench and stayed behind my legs.  And, yes, she is overweight.  67 lbs and going on a diet...or walks...or playing more ball.  Whatever works.
And then, there is Bubba Bear, who LOVES going to the vet!  He has had so many trauma's in his short life, that everyone there knows him and adores him.  So, he feels right at home.  When he came back in the room from being weighed (74lbs) and pampered I am sure, he immediately went into the play stance with his brother and sister and tried to instigate a wrestling match.  And, of course, he didn't think the vet was going to kill him like Stella, he thought he wanted to play! LOL!

 And, then there is our sweet boy, Rex.  He is like a rag doll and the most laid-back dog on the planet.  He was brought back into the room from being weighed (63 lbs) and immediately plopped down for a nap.  He was so laid back that the vet double-checked that we had indeed done a thyroid test on him in the past and it came back negative! ha!

Somebody is going to come in one of those doors!  I just know it! :)
Everyone is healthy.  Well, Bubba Bear had whipworms.  From eating dirt.  He ALWAYS has something.  Can we ever go to the vet and him NOT have an issue???
**And, yes, our sweet Nala girl, went to the vet the day before for fluids. We are still just going one day at a time.  She is hanging in there.**

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