Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today was the day!!!

I am super blessed with a HUGE library for my first library.  Move the tables, chairs and roll a few bookcases out of the way and the possibilities are endless!!  Today was the first AR celebration (Accelerated Reader) under my "leadership".  I wanted it to be BIG!  The kids had bigger and higher AR goals than they were used to having, and I really wanted to reward those who worked hard to achieve their goal by READING!!!  So...I turned the library into a "blow up" carnival!!  We had a bouncy house, blow up obstacle course, and some carnival type games.  The kids had a BLAST!  Their faces when they walked in and saw the library transformed was PRICELESS!!!  The gasps and eyes popping! ha!  When I overheard a 5th grader walking past the next 5th grade class that was coming in say, "Ya'll better get ready to have some FUN!"  I knew I had done ok! ;)
I am exhausted to say the least!! ha!  And, so is Big Bear.  So thankful he was my helper all day!  Whew!

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