Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Report

 This weekend pretty much consisted of cleaning, volunteering, playing with the pups and NaPpInG!!  I have taken a power nap BOTH days and I am NOT complaining! ;)  It's Upward Basketball Season again, which translates into Kevin being a ref and me working concessions every Saturday.  It's fun and I love the people!!  I always enjoy taking a minute or two to watch "my" soft-hearted ref, who takes it to heart if he gets yelled at. :)  Keep in mind, he isn't afraid to yell AT refs though! 
 I worked some on what used to be the office and am trying to get it back to a "guest" space...or a dog bed.  Whatever you want to call it.  I've got the book case back in there from the garage and the twin bed, but I have to wait on getting mattresses.  You know January is a SLOW month for the business every year and money is tight.  I'm ready to get past January!! ;)  
Now...for some super cute pup pics! Bubba Bear just aims to please in that department!

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