Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kevin's Mission Trip to the Dominican

 These are the only pictures I have so far.  I could talk about it but I'm sure I couldn't do it justice.  So, I'm going to get Kevin to answer questions and I will type his responses.
What was the highlight of the trip?  "My highlight was to see the drunkard come in with a bottle of liquor and leave a saint.  A man with a bottle of liquor came into the church for the first time in his life and after hearing our testimonies, he came down to the alter to be saved.  The congregation asked me to pray for this man at the end of service."
 What were some impressions that were made upon you? "They are hungry for the gospel.  We were mainly with Haitian people and they primarily practice voodoo or are Catholic.  They wanted to know about Christ.  My team didn't get turned away anywhere.  The other team only got turned away once."
 What would you say to someone wanting to go on a Mission Trip?  "Make sure that your heart is right.  Ask yourself 'Why are you going?'"
What would be something that stood out to you...a memory/snapshot of the time you don't want to forget? "I don't want to forget the praise and worship at the church on Sunday. I knew every song they sang and I sang it with them in English.  They were singing I Surrender All, How Great is Our God...songs I knew."
 Any last thoughts?  "I'm ready to go back.  I want to go back and go back soon.  I want to go back every opportunity that I can go back.  But I do not think it's right for me to go back until I've shared the gospel here with as many people as I shared there."

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Vader's Mom said...

That makes my heart so happy - "I just want to go back." I'm so glad that they were welcomed and they were able to see results. So many time they are the ones planting the seeds and they don't get to witness the results. Would you want to join a group in the future?