Monday, March 10, 2014

Scrapbook Retreat!!

 As you can see above (and that's not all of it), it takes a lot to load up a scrapbooker for a trip!  I mean, you don't want to risk NOT having something you might need for a page! LOL!  Let's just say my Tahoe was full and it would have been interesting to try and have someone ride with me.  It's been awhile (a few years) since I've gotten to go on an actual retreat.  My BFF invited me on this one and she lives in NW Arkansas.  So, that meant it was close for her, but not so much for me.  I drove 3 hours to her house first and then followed her the last hour and 15 min or so, but it was worth it!!!  Of course, the time change and being up late both nights are kicking my tail today!!
 The place where we were (somewhere in the middle of nowhere of Oklahoma) was awesome!  Above is our view out the back windows while we scrapped the days away.  Everyone had a 6 foot table of their own and an office chair set up when we arrived.  I took my little table too and had it sitting with my cricut on it.  Perfect!!
 The bonus is I got to spend the weekend with my BFF - which in the last few years, we haven't gotten to do enough of.  I think we are making a come back! ;)
 It was a GREAT weekend of YUMMY food (oh my goodness, we ate well), time with the bestie AND getting major scrapping done (45 pages!!).  Kind of wish I was still there!
 I will definitely be going back.  It's a long drive, but worth it in many ways!!  $75 a piece for the place, everyone brings a meal and your own drinks & snacks, and my gas money.  Instant girl getaway! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

That sounds wonderful!!! Looks like you had a blast - if I had my scrapbooking skills up to par, I'd join you. At this point, I would end up in a chair reading the whole time (which wouldn't be bad either).