Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break Day 1 & 2

 Day 1 of Spring Break starting by going to watch one of my favorite former students play baseball.  I adore this child!!  He is now almost a 7th grader! YIKES!  And, yes, after seeing this picture, I realize it is time to shed the winter weight!  Double yikes!  After watching two baseball games, we came home and tag teamed the filthy house so we could enjoy a clean house for the week. :)
Day 2 was supposed to be the start of the french drain install.  BUT, after talking to some people at church, it is on hold until a professional comes out.  Our problem is we have NO WHERE for the water to GO.  The street is UPHILL. :(  Just so you can SEE how bad it is ... I've included pictures of our drainage hell:
 You can see above the trail that the water (river) makes all the way through the backyard from the front yard.  Then it pool and STANDS in about a quarter of our backyard is straight up mud and slush and nasty stagnant water.  Good times with three big dogs. NOT!  Below is the start of the trail from the front yard to the back and under the deck to the above picture.
 Since it goes under the deck to the other side and the dogs come straight off the deck into it.  This is our redneck bridge for them over the water...It helps keep some mud off the feet.  They actually use it.

 Once we realized we weren't spending the week installing a french drain, we decided to go ahead and get a few other chores out of the way because obviously that day is's just a matter of someone telling us HOW to best go about it.  So, we had two big burn piles that needed tending to.  You know I love a good burn pile!  Dogs that needed sunning and tennis balls thrown (the tricky part was staying out of the mud!), and I got my side summer reading spot ready for mulch. :)

 I did miss my Nala girl several times today because I know she would've been outside in the sun with us. :(

I also managed to get some reading and scrapbooking in. :)  Bubba loves it when I scrapbook, so he can eat paper.  Crazy dog!

PS.  I "lifted" my FB ban for Spring Break! :)

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Vader's Mom said...

Sounds amazing to be able to spend some time outside - and Bubba with that paper. I keep telling Vader he's not a termite, but he doesn't listen either.