Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break Day 4

 Day 4 in 4 was the perfect combo of work and play!  I was able to mulch my favorite flowerbed (the pond area) and mulch my other backyard place where I go to sit and read and relax.  All by myself.  No help needed. :)  So, me and the dogs were outside most of the afternoon.  PLUS, I made THREE camping reservations.  I'm ready to camp!!!  And, I finished a book yesterday morning! 
 Some of my favorite back yard garden things/places...above is a relaxing place to sit.  I'm down to 2 goldfish and one pond plant though, so Friday, a trip to the pond store is happening.

 Fresh mulch...just in time for 28 degrees temps.  Crazy weather!!
 Below is usually where you find me in the backyard.  Reading or throwing a tennis ball for the dogs.  I really, really want a hammock or a swing for this area!!  I've hinted all I can hint! ;)

After a back breaking day of yard work, we cleaned up and went to a fancy dinner for our anniversary.  YaYa's is SOOO good!!!  Melt in your mouth good.  Of course, in my opinion, it better be for $100 for two people to eat. :)  Splurge!!  Then, we went to see Divergent.  A successful day. Spring Break just gets me geared up for summer! ha!
Day 5 starts now...and it's all play. :)

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Vader's Mom said...

I love your backyard spaces. Ours is so small and plain. Yours has so much character and feels so cozy.