Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break Day 5 & 6

Yesterday (day 5) was a total play day.  I went to lunch with my friend, LeeAnn.  We went to Taziki's, one of my favorites!!  Then, we went to see God's Not Dead.  2 movies in 2 days!  That is WAY out of character for me! LOL!  I love that there are TWO Jesus movies on right now at the theatre's.  Makes me smile.  I recommend this one.  Not on the great acting, but on the message.  Is it a coincidence that in two days I have finished a book that made me think "one person CAN make a difference" only to follow it with a movie that made me think the same thing?  I don't believe in coincidences...God's NOT Dead.  Go see it.
I followed up lunch and a movie with a Razorback baseball game with the hubby.  I do love going to watch the Hogs play.  But, last night, it was cold and at some points raining.  We toughed it out, and watched the Hogs WIN!
After all the fun yesterday, we woke up this morning at 4 am (thank you doggie door) to the dogs cornering a opossum under our bedroom window.  Kevin got them inside and locked the doggie door...only for the stupid thing to be on the back fence when we got up this morning.  It was almost taunting them.  Well, you can imagine the fun the pups had this morning.  It only took Bubba Bear about 4 jumps to grab him and yank him down from the fence.  Nasty!
My plans for today were to stay in my PJ's, read and scrapbook.  So far, I have managed to stay in my PJ's but a headache has hampered my other plans.  Not for long though...I see scrapbooking and reading happening soon!  
Slooowww down Spring Break!  Slooooower!

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Vader's Mom said...

Bubba got all the way up on the fence?? Wow...

Sounds like an amazing couple of days!