Monday, April 14, 2014

A morning with Bubba Bear...

 If I sit here with this piece of Momma's landscaping in my mouth, maybe someone will get up and chase me!  Or maybe I'll just play tug-of-war with my brother and get it all over the carpet.

 Wait!  What is that?  Is it a bumblebee?  Maybe it will play with me!
 I'm gonna catch it!
Ok, so it stung me! Maybe this time I will sneak up on it!! 
 How about I just bark at it REALLY, REALLY loud over and over? (Did I mention Momma has something called a migraine this morning?  I don't what that is, but she keeps getting mad at me!)
 Now, I've got you corner!  Sucker!
Bubblebee died.  No one wants to play, so finally after HOURS of annoying EVERYONE around, I cave and give them what they want.  I crash!  On my brother's head!

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Vader's Mom said...

I needed this tonight!!!! I love Bubba Bear! And I totally didn't catch where he was sleeping until you pointed it out. His siblings sure love him.