Monday, April 7, 2014

First Camping Trip of this season :)

We looked at our calendar over Spring Break and realized real quick if we didn't go camping the first weekend in April, we may not get to go again until end of May or June!!  So, we planned on going to Lake Sylvia, but right before we pulled out of the driveway, I decided I wanted to go to DeGray Lake to Shouse Ford and my Big Bear indulged my whim. :)  
For this trip, we took "the originals", aka Stella & Rex, and we left Bubba Bear to board at the vet.  He had a swollen eye and was due for his heartworm shot anyway.  Plus, he loves it there!!
So, away we go!  And, just for my BFF, I post the picture many 31 Bags does it take to go camping?!? LOL!
Big Bear got to finally put together and use his Christmas present he got with Bass Pro Shop gift cards from my mom and his sister.  He was one happy camper! (And, yes, Big Bear LOVES overalls!) :)

A little Arkansas beauty...our sunset view...
One of my favorite parts of camping = camping breakfasts!
Poor Stella just could NOT comprehend that when I was casting my fishing line, it WAS NOT a game of fetch!!  I got so tickled at her!
Me and Rex - this trip he got to stay off leash and we only lost him once!  Totally our fault. We got distracted and he slipped past us and took off, but it was within the first few hours of being there and it was when we realized he would come back when called (unless chasing a squirrel).  So he got a little more freedom this trip.
My fishing buddies...if you look close, you can see Stella on the other side of me intently watching my fishing line in case she needs to "fetch it up". HA!
Big Bear's new outdoor kitchen!! whoop!

Momma's lap dog! :)
Dinner for TWO??? :)
Another fav part of camping...relaxing!!!
Shouse Ford site 77
April 4th-6th

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Vader's Mom said...

First of all that sunset is gorgeous. But those pups! They have me giggling and I'm just looking at the pictures. I can't imagine all the fun and entertainment they provide!!!